Honestly, I knew this game from my sister, she plays it a lot and make me curious too. The game is similiar like HayDay and FarmVille, but the distinction is so clear: good graphic, more simple, less sized apk (approx. 19 MB).
The gameplay took more time in order to finish the task, so it’s kinda boring af. And here we go, mate, the solution of our impatience.

The MOD is permanent and never restore your progress as long you don’t clear the data.

Name : Green Farm 3

Version : 4.0.6 (Latest)

Size : 19 MB

Android : 2.3 +

Mode : Offline

Uploaded : 11 April 2016 (Latest)
Modded Info:
Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Money

Rediscover farming adventure in the new Green Farm!

Take on the challenging task of restoring a manor with the help of friends and neighbors!

Complete many missions full of farming, harvesting, crafting, and more.

Being social will help you grow! Friends will help you reach your goals. So be friendly!

Easier controls make managing your farm effectively simpler and more fun!


Download [MOD] Green Farm 3 V.4.0.6

FYI! The link contain link-locker, in order to unlocked it you must fill a survey. Don’t worry! The survey isn’t hard af, this isn’t scam, and the APK which I put here are REAL.

Q: Why I must fill a survey?

A: When you completed the survey, I got a cash from it, which help me to make this blog more better, that’s how you thanks to me. Remember that I have family to feed too haha

Q: How to fill the survey?

A: This video might help: videos123.org/2017/01/video.html