Action adventure games you will love to play, downloaded over a million times. Good gameplay, small size APK (approx. 43MB), and definitely OFFLINE! That’s the good news, you can play it even you don’t have active internet, you can play it while being in an airplane, when your internet is down, or play it in the middle of mountainous jungle.
APK Info:

Name : Legendary Warrior

Version : 1.0.13

Size : 43 MB

Mode : offline

Uploaded : 29 November 2016

Hack Modded : Unlimited Coins + Gems + Sword


Download [MOD] Legendary Warrior
FYI! The link contain link-locker, in order to unlocked it you must fill a survey. Don’t worry! The survey isn’t hard af, this isn’t scam, and the APK which I put here are REAL.

Q: Why I must fill a survey?

A: When you completed the survey, I got a cash from it, which help me to make this blog more better, that’s how you thanks to me. Remember that I have family to feed too haha

Q: How to fill the survey?

A: This video might help: