Play good enough? Got a problem? You suck at some mission? Haha

Here I offer you some additional MOD for Bully Anniversary, but first you must have Bully Anniversary installed on your device. Click HERE if you don’t have.

MOD list:

1. Dog Alpha MOD

Main character become Pitbull Dog, carry a rifle, and have unlimited health. Download Dog Alpha MOD
2. Police MOD

Main character become Policeman, you can also drive the policeman motocycle. Download Police MOD
3. Teacher MOD

Main character become teacher, the mission will still the same. Download Teacher MOD

4. Spring Season MOD

Change the season to Spring. Download Spring Season MOD
5. Super Jimmy MOD

Main character have unlimited health, boosted power, increased run speed. Download Super Jimmy MOD
How To Install :

  1. Download the MOD
  2. Extract the folder BullyOrig to Internal/Android/data/com.rockstargames.bully/file/
  3. Play the game

FYI! The link contain link-locker, in order to unlocked it you must fill a survey. Don’t worry! The survey isn’t hard af, this isn’t scam, and the APK which I put here are REAL.

Q: Why I must fill a survey?

A: When you completed the survey, I got a cash from it, which help me to make this blog more better, that’s how you thanks to me. Remember that I have family to feed too haha

Q: How to fill the survey?

A: This video might help: